Shocking Truth About Small Businesses and the Economic Stimulus Package

The government has it all wrong in creating new jobs. The economic stimulus program was to primarily help large struggling corporations, which often was a waste of money.

Did the banks, who received this money, start lending more money? They did not in most cases. The key to getting the economy to turn around was to get money to small businesses. If the government wants to create employment, it needs to assist small business owners and not the larger corporations whose greed and mismanagement has caused them a hardship.

It would have been wiser to give a much larger share of the economic stimulus to small business owners. Every analysis shows that small businesses have a far greater economic impact on communities than larger, chain businesses. Small businesses in the United States are about half of the workforce and 70 percent of job growth If most of this money was spread to the 26 million businesses in America, the economy would be doing much better.

Independent Business owners do not give out lavish bonuses to themselves or employees if the financials do not warrant it. They are tight with the buck and will hire employees when it is prudent to do so. Normally, customer service is superior in the small business compared to the larger franchise or chain business.

I had to chuckle when I hear the excuses from the companies losing millions of dollars. They had to pay huge bonuses and salaries to attract the best employees. Maybe, hiring someone less qualified who would have explained, about the hole getting deeper with these outrageous bonuses.

I have seen how large corporations managed their operation, but now I am strictly involved with small businesses. For the last six years, I have been working with small business owners all over the United States. The industries and locations were different; many things are common among small business owners.

They are the lifeblood of the community and what separates one town from another. They give and participate in many local charities and events. Many small business owners will pass the business to their children. However with the expansion of the large corporate stores, this is becoming much rarer.

Large businesses have clout getting laws passed that favor them. Small Businesses must get together and form small business associations to fight back against the corporate giants. Otherwise, small businesses will continue to disappear in record numbers and job growth will be slow.